chill with my asmr reading triggers

Chill. with a mug of boiling hot chocola and a bit of herbal woosh. Thats floaty now. Get mushing on flubber. Thats absurd you say? Yes flibble goblet.

Wish upon twinkle-hush. Engine of honk – bweef bwooo. Shhhh. That wiffy sweet pancakes roll popped into nibble bites.

warm fluffly puff. ahh yep. bounce blocks of foam sponge around like lush cheeked bulgey man. He doing a hula hoop whizzaround the crinkle bubbles.


Donald Trump. Monster? or just pathetic?

Attempt at humorous blog post introduction no.1

Donald Trump. *boo*

Im a gay black Zoroastrian and Im gonna vote for Trump! *booo – ehhh?!? yey?*

I think people are getting monster and pathetic mixed up.

I digress. Trump is a bad man – no doubt. But until someone puts a sturdier leader in charge of the republicans – they will be completely scarred by his image. And thats a shame. Sound policies by a party willing to stand up for western democracy and free speech against the islamic ideology that is permeating the west at the present time.

Truth is hard to accept.

i love those videos where trump does that mouth thing where he sniffs his upper lip. He is so self conscious. Again this adds to my theory that he is a patheticos.

Donald Trump owns a fiat?

According to The Times, Donald Trump has repeatedly said he owns a fiat. But when google earth photographed one of his many homes, the fiat was nowhere to be seen.

This is hardly surprising for a man who has gone on record for saying that “Muslims do not own cars” and that “The sun cannot produce the amount of energy required to power us into the next century.”

But can we trust a man who owns an invisible car? My answer is yes.

Why Clinton cannot cut it but Trump can.

Clinton has an interesting relationship with cars. She famously brought the first Ford Fiesta on the market. Why does this matter? Well, because clinton uses the public purse to deny having brought the original car, whereas Trump can proudly stand by a straight brand of morals, it does matter.

By selling off the original car and still claiming to own more assets in his company than the cars were worth in the past, Trump has proved himself the moral-superior. He has stated a fact about money in the wider sense because of this debacle. He has (as Churchill put it) stepped upon solid ground backwards.


wow its crumbly and oddly good!


Do you like the mansion do you? Do you like not remembering my mansion? Do you like components and conglomerations of things? Well you love dis. Its balls and its all crumbly and you’ll love how you’ve earned my crumbly soft balls. Ok so how do you get cheap labour? How do you get any labour? Just add more currency? Get some labour balls and try to be cool about it. Go on then attach a boolean value to the string. Funny what you get, turns out to be a dancing dancer.

OK jap

Go jump on your mansion bandwagoon. The kimbo bongay, the flippety boom. You have all to yourself, you let your mansion go towards two places like a cut up symmetry. Susspended above the world who divides it? not ongo.  Tesne polygon floaters hovereing above a filled role, who will fill it next? Not one person has volanteered becuase of such shitty indents. I will auction off all his values and get my millions laying bets on who will tear his island up first.


melt the 300! haha literaly would be a creative soloution

ImageSo i was thinking we could fill in this peice, because it might be short, but have you got the right recording equitment, if you have then please melt the 300 backwards in grease. impossible you cant get it done in a day. yes we have two hours, actually less be cause time is ticking and it is on the news and it is on the internet and it is everywhere. we need to write the letters backwards somehow before it breaks, what is the time, the time is you shoulve done it buy yesterday. I can use my proffesional skills to write that backwards buisness. get me a little something to write it in. that is a metal thing. It will melt and get it on the cooks plates and it will ruin it all because people migght get food poisoning. can you get a wooden thing. thank you. this will do the trick, this is only a few time, yet it is so big, when do we update. it will be finished soon, it is not a proffesional job of it so get it done. I had dipping it in the crusty oil, backwards, oh you so clever that is amazing. haha i am pleased! Go get going the time is going and it will be before something new pops up like a fat people thing or maybe people have got too fat too fastly. I really love it this has proved your worth, i wil give you a raise and will secure you a top place on the team. People in the office day party gave me special ephemera for the occasion to mark the backwards return in a few seconds of ordered grease. then i knew I heard a backwards 300.